About Avakatan

Living in the AVAKATAN Style

AVAKATAN is a group of companies with a focus on enhancing lifestyle. It aims to improve the daily lives of Iranian citizens by providing a wide range of services in online services, food, clothing, entertainment, insurance, and technological infrastructure. The company started its operations in the clothing sector in 2003, bringing significant changes to the Iranian clothing market and fashion industry. AVAKATAN introduced global lifestyle trends to Iranian society, emphasizing innovation, customer orientation, honesty, and quality as its core values. The company strives to be a pioneer in offering lifestyle qualities aligned with global standards.


AVAKATAN Group, established in 2003 in Iran’s clothing sector, focused on improving the market and fashion industry. In 2008, they opened the first Jeanswest branch in Tehran’s Vanak Square, expanding to other cities in Iran. The success led to the formation of the Jeanswest customer club to enhance customer experience. In 2018, AVAKATAN launched an online sales website for Jeanswest. During the COVID-19 pandemic, they created Banimode, the largest Iranian clothing online shop, offering products from 1,000 brands.

AVAKATAN diversified into other sectors by establishing Delish Organizational Catering for food services, Domil Information Technology for digital solutions, and Inshu for insurance services. They also introduced Meta Fitness Club in 2022 at Sam Center, Tehran, providing a range of facilities for physical and mental health rejuvenation under professional supervision.

AVAKATAN’s Mission

The AVAKATAN Group focuses on creativity, innovation, and customer orientation to enhance urban life in Iran. As a pioneer in the industry, it inspires domestic companies and observes global competitors. With a customer club of over 4 million members, AVAKATAN aims for growth and increased satisfaction among associates in the future.

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