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Closer than ever

“Closer than ever” For those who are concerned about time, Banimode online shopping center is the best choice as it is currently the largest Iranian online shopping center in the field of fashion. Banimode started its activities in 2018 and is currently operating with more than 1000 reputable Iranian and international brands. This online shopping center encompasses various product categories including men’s, women’s, and children’s clothing, beauty and health, accessories, electronics, home goods, stationery, bags, and shoes.

Meta Successful Managers Sports Club

Experience a powerful network

Meta Sports Club is a well-equipped and energetic place for the physical and mental rejuvenation of purposeful and influential men in society, which started its activities in 2022. In addition to complete sports equipment, this sports complex has a spa (massage), beauty salon, cafe-restaurant, dry and steam, saunas, jacuzzi, and medical room. All coaches and doctors present in the complex are among the most skilled and reputable individuals in this field.

Fits Best

For Iranian citizens seeking quality clothing with global standards for everyday use, Jeanswest is the best choice. The story of the Jeanswest clothing brand began in 1972 in Australia, with the first store opening in Perth, Australia. Today, with over 3000 branches worldwide, Jeanswest is recognized as one of the largest and most popular global casual clothing brands. The first Jeanswest branch in Iran opened in 2008 and, in less than ten years, became popular among Iranians due to its high-quality products available in over 32 colors and various designs. The brand currently operates with over 40 active branches and an active online store, offering clothing for women, men, and children for all age groups and seasonal collections in line with the latest global trends.

Delish Corporate Catering

The glory of simple taste

Delish corporate catering started its activities in 2012 to provide food for AVAKATAN’s company employees. With the consumers’ interest, the decision was made to expand services and provide services to other organizations. Due to its spacious facilities alongside modern industrial equipment, this catering company has the capability of mass production. Also, the use of skilled personnel and the maintenance of health standards have enabled this catering company to provide daily hot meal preparation and distribution services under organizational contracts in a short period of time. Currently, Delish catering provides food for employees of some of the country’s largest organizations.

Domil Information Technology Group

Virtual staff in retail

Domil began its activities in the retail industry focusing on digital transformation in 2018 as an independent company of the AVAKATAN group. This team is currently expanding its activities in providing digital transformation solutions, procurement, installation, and implementation of various network infrastructures.

The peace of a safer life

Inshu started its activities in 2022 in collaboration with the country’s largest insurance company and AVAKATAN holding, which is the largest face-to-face and online holding company in the country. This company is currently serving organizations and the general public. Inshu provides a range of top-notch insurance services, including comprehensive technical services, complete information acquisition, and comparison of various insurance companies.

Balcafe Chain Cafe-Restaurants

My city, my dream

Balcafe is a place for those seeking delicious, diverse, and unique snacks. This cafe-restaurant began its activities in 2015. Balcafe currently serves its customers with over 8 branches across Iran. Over the years, Balcafe has become a memorable space for its fans by offering a specialized menu of coffee, breakfast, and international cuisine, along with a well-equipped kitchen for baking various pastries and breads.

Digiwash Online Laundry

The pleasure of an easy and tidy life

The mechanized and intelligent laundry collection Digiwash, with Pony technology from Italy, started operating in September 2018, with a daily service capacity of over 2000 clothing items. Digiwash provides laundry and stain removal services to its users online, in-store and by phone in all parts of the Tehran and Alborz province.