What is jeanswest Nature Friendly Shopping Bag

Nature-friendly shopping bag project with the slogan No Plastic is fantastic

What is jeanswest Nature Friendly Shopping Bag?

Earth is apparently the only large habitable planet in our galaxy. A planet that we all must try to preserve and care for. Every human can play a significant role in protecting the planet Remin by informing the people around them. It is interesting to know that hundreds of thousands of plastic bags are consumed in the world every second, which has a worrying effect on the health of the planet. We can make a significant contribution to preserving the earth’s environment with small changes in the pattern of plastic consumption. Iran’s jeanswest has also joined the global movement against plastic bags and intends to fulfill its responsibility and role for the restoration of the environment by offering nature-friendly shopping bags.

It is hoped that we can always be pioneers and role players in preserving our beautiful planet together. In order to increase motivation in promoting the culture of plastic reduction, using jeanswest nature-friendly shopping bag includes the following benefits: jeanswest will admire those who accompany her in this movement. For this purpose, if you always carry eco-friendly shopping bags with you when shopping at jeanswest branches all over Iran, you can get a 2% discount on every purchase. This amount is deposited at the beginning of the next month and is valid in the purchase history until the end of the next season and can be combined with other points. Also, in order to register the purchase and receive this credit, the internal barcode of the shopping bag must be kept in its original state and not removed.

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