Avaktan’s New Year’s calendar was different this time!

In the last days of March, we witness the official event, which is held more elaborately every year; Big and small companies and organizations are trying to impress their loyal customers and colleagues by sending Nowruz promotional gifts. These gifts often include a variety of gadgets, calendars, pens, and some of the company’s products. Regardless of the fact that Nowruz gift packages include packages that cause a lot of environmental pollution, most of the gifts may come to us many times from companies.

These gifts, which have an Eid symbol on them; It is an ancient ritual in the celebration of Nowruz, thanksgiving for the coming of spring. For this purpose, Avaktan Holding, which always feels responsible towards the society and fellow countrymen in which it is active during its activity, saw it appropriate at a time when the economic conditions of the country are in turmoil and many of our countrymen are trapped and imprisoned, instead of Donating a Nowruz gift, the conditions and costs are to return a person to the arms of the family about to reopen the spring blossoms. Avaktan Holding has taken a good lead in this matter and spent all the costs of Nowruz promotional gifts to free some prisoners of unintentional crimes to make a small effort for eternal spring and bring happiness to guest houses.

Free the prisoner